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Snow White Blood release new single “Drop A Stitch”

Symphonic metal group Snow White Blood unveils new single “Drop A Stitch” off of their upcoming album titled “Hope Springs Eternal”. Listen to the song below.

Snow White Blood combine the variety of sounds in symphonic metal with the world of fairytales from a far-off time. Their impressing compositions take the listener on a musical journey through the world of fables, stories and fairytales. On stage, the four musicians also create magical moments and know how to excite their audience. Would you like to get enchanted by the magic of fairytales? Then enter the world of Snow White Blood.

The new single, “Drop A Stitch”, is an interpretation of the “Mother Hulda” fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. It is taken from the upcoming Snow White Blood album “Hope Springs Eternal”, due out on November 13, 2020. On their new album “Hope Springs Eternal”, the motif of hope occurs throughout the whole album. Like a golden thread, it leads through the magical world of Rapunzel, Pechmarie, the Star Talers and further stories. Regarded from a completely new perspective, all fairytales have one aspect in common: the hope that is entwined in everything.

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