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Chocobo Band releases new single “Liberi Fatali”

Chocobo Band, a progressive/symphonic metal project inspired by the soundtracks of Final Fantasy saga, has released a new single “Liberi Fatali”, available worldwide on all major digital platforms. Watch the video below.

The single is taken from Chocobo’s second studio album “Tales from Other Worlds”, due out this December. The songs on the album, which span most of the saga’s chapters, are rearranged by the band’s personal touch in order to ensure a cinematic and impactful rendition. In addition to the complex orchestral arrangements and the layers of modern electronic elements, an entire choir has been recorded live to underline the most epic sections. Romantic iconic ballads will be there too, to let you dream of melancholic atmospheres just before going head-on towards the next exciting boss battle.

From now on it’s also possible to pre-order the Final Fantasy-themed upcoming album “Tales from Other Worlds”, including “Liberi Fatali”, on Chocobo Band’s official store.

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