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Red Moon Architect share live performance of “Journey”

Melodic doom heavyweights Red Moon Architect have shared a brand new, haunting live performance video for the track “Journey”. Watch it below.

As much as the band from Kouvola, Finland, would rather love to be on tour but since shows are currently put on hold for obvious reasons, Red Moon Architect are now inviting their fans on a trip into their very own world full of deep emotions and atmosphere. Watch the offcial, new live video clip for “Journey”, a heavy yet beautiful melancholic doom anthem:

Saku Moilanen (drums, keyboards) comments: “Journey is one of my all time favourites that has only been played live for a few times. We’re happy to share this clip from our special stream gig and hope we can play this live for you all soon!

Red Moon Architects’s latest, critically acclaimed album, “Emptiness Weighs The Most”, was released on October 23rd 2020 through German powerhouse label Noble Demon. Pure sweeping, yet crushing and highly atmospheric soundscapes consolidate with strong melodies, dark growls and beautiful female vocals, crawling directly under your skin!

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