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Sharone – Diamond (Music Video)

Dark rock artist Sharone unveils new single and music video “Diamond”. Listen below.

 Denver based, Dark Rock artist Sharone has released the official music video for the fourth and final single, “Diamond,” off of her upcoming LP “Morbid Illusion” due out May 28, 2021 via Devil Inside Records. Directed by Kyle Lamar, and Sharone herself, “Diamond” features Johnny Romero on drums, Zach Barrera on bass, and Spencer Simpson and Travis Owen on guitar.

Sharone on the track: “When I wrote ‘Diamond’, I was trying to remain hopeful in a hopeless situation. I learned that the effort you put forth in those types of instances can cause serious damage to your soul and your mind. Sometimes when we feel lost we try to convince ourselves that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Diamond’ is about realizing that light doesn’t exist.” 

Sharone erupted onto the Denver music scene as a solo artist in 2014. The atmospheric and melodramatic music of Evanescence and the psychedelic blues of Black Sabbath inspired Sharone to start performing her music live with a full rock band backing her. Despite sustaining a dark and melancholy tone on recordings, the gothic artist’s live shows are nothing short of energetic, full of heavy piano riffs, pulsing rhythms, and enthralling theatrics. In the spring of 2020, Sharone signed with Devil Inside Records, and began working on her fourth studio album “Morbid Illusion”, due out May 28, 2021.

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