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Off The Cross reveal new single feat. Fabienne Erni

Belgian heavy quartet Off the Cross unveiled new single “This Too Shall Pass”, featuring Fabienne Erni (Eluveitie, Illumishade) on vocals and Coen Janssen (Epica) on piano. Watch the video recorded at Daft Studio below.

Oftentimes terrifying, yet you can’t help yourself from singing along to the catchy choruses. Their music embodies the dualistic society we live in. Backed up by pianos, organs, choirs and synths, Off The Cross creates a profane wall of sound. With their second album “Enjoy It While It Lasts”, the band presents a brand new sound that is colourful and more modern than ever before.

Jens De Vos of Off The Cross on the new single: “To make this song we had to go completely out of our comfort zone and it was a whole new experience to write and record. The lyrics deal with pushing through in times when giving up might seem like the only way out. Especially in these troubling times. We have struggled and we know a lot of you did too. But it’s important to remember that this too shall pass.” 

Fabienne Erni adds: “I am very excited to be part of this song and had the most amazing time recording it. In the middle of our Eluveitie tour, Jens picked me up from the tourbus to go to
Sandlane Recording Facilities to record the song with Joost van den Broek. Daan‘s low growls combined with my voice creates a wonderful contrast and along with the dynamic arrangement it allowed me to really explore different colors in my vocal range.”

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