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Dust In Mind unveil new single “Lost Control”

French modern industrial metallers Dust In Mind reveal new single and video “Lost Control”. Check it out below.

Dust In Mind take you on a fiery race to your inner sun! Sparks ignite within the lyrics of their new single “Lost Control” in which emotions turn into a drug and a journey of exploration to find the fuel to ones soul begins. Mesmerising and powerful female vocals meet thunderous growls in this exhilarating piece of modern and industrial metal.

The song embraces the feeling of obeying a ‘master of emotions’ that makes you kneel in front of your own vulnerability and makes you their puppet. Self-acceptance becomes the key to redemption and the tool to digging your own path of passion and desire.

The french band vividly recreates this curious scenario in the single’s music video. An ode to a race to our inner sun.

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