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Among Your Gods – Poison (Music Video)

Belarusian melodic death metal band Among Your Gods unveils a music video for a brand new track titled “Poison”.

The band released their first single “Nasty Blood” with former vocalist Anastasia Solovtsova under the name Among Gods in 2016. In 2017, she was replaced by Alina Pochebyt who recorded two singles and one EP with the band, followed by the change of their band name to Among Your Gods in 2018. Earlier this year, the band informed about Alina’s sudden departure.

“Well, nothing is permanent in this world. We are forced to report that now the band is left without a vocalist for some reasons. Therefore, we are announcing the search for a new group member,” posted the band on their social media in late March, and the remaining members launched the audition process for a new vocalist.

“Poison” is the last Among Your Gods material recorded with Alina on vocals. Watch the video below:

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