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EP review: Trapezia – Ecila

Trapezia is a Brazilian musical project which was founded by Thaís Lyrica, who began singing studies at the age of 16. With her “melodic metal” declared debut in music, Thaís presents a fantastic world inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” where every detail, from the lyrics to the costumes, were fabricated by Thaís. With an authentic look, technology and innovative designs, Trapezia takes you on a fantastic journey into the world of “Ecila”: a fairy who has the power to transform into any species…

The motley cover artwork of the 3-track EP  indeed reminds me a bit of “Alice in Wonderland” or other fairy tales. Musically, the EP opens up with the forthcoming single/music video “Games” (feat. Fernando Quesada). With a dark touch, but also nice vocal lines and solid guitar work, the song has potential. The same can be noticed in relation to the voice of Thaís, which is beautiful and clear, even if there is still some room for improvement in terms of “power”.

“Mirror”, the second track, is my personal favourite song of the EP. Powerful guitars and a driving beat appear to form the basic framework. Also, the chorus is worth mentioning. It goes straight to the ears. Well done!

“Doors”, the finisher, also knows how to please with fast pace, powerful riffs and interesting keyboard sounds. Thaís finally shows what she has to offer vocally and indicates her vocal range in several places. For me, her best vocal performance on “Ecila”, which ends after a running time of 13 minutes.

My personal conclusion is positive. The song material is solid and melodic, Thaís does a good job as a songwriter. If she succeeds in putting her undoubtedly existing vocal qualities in the limelight a little better, then I see a newcomer in Trapezia that we will continue to hear about.


Release date: July 13, 2021
Label: Independent
Rating: 7/10

1. Games (feat. Fernando Quesada)
2. Mirror
3. Doors

EP review by: Christian Flack

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