Spiritbox release acoustic version of “Constance”

Canadian metal trio Spiritbox unveils a stunning acoustic version of their emotional single “Constance”. Listen below.

The original version of the song came out in December and will be available on band’s upcoming debut full-length album “Eternal Blue”, due out September 17. “Constance” is a tribute and goodbye to vocalist Courtney LaPlante’s grandmother Phyllis who passed away last year.

The stripped down version with strings was recorded earlier this year in a church as a part of The Grammy Museum Collection: Live series. Guitarist Mike Stringer explains: “This live version of Constance was a very ambitious project for us. Before we left to start recording Eternal Blue, I had a rough demo of an acoustic version of Constance written.”

He continues: “While we were tracking the album, the Grammy Museum asked us if we’d want to contribute to their “Collection: Live” series with a live acoustic/stringed composition of the song. Of course this was a huge honour for us and something we couldn’t turn down, but it posed a challenge as we were recording in the middle of the desert, and I had never written a string composition before.

“After learning how to turn midi into notation, and some back and forth with our producer Dan Braunstein, and violinist Haruka Horii, we had a version we were confident in,” explains the creative process Mike. “This was the first time we had ever performed this song live, and the addition of the strings by Haruka Horii, Bonnie Brooksbank, and Mark Bassett really brought this whole thing to life. Putting this together was a great experience, and I hope to explore more acoustic compositions in the future with Spiritbox.”  

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