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Chaos Rising unveil new single “The Last Breath”

International all-female metal collective Chaos Rising has dropped their seventeent  single and video! Listen to “The Last Breath” now!

Yet again transcending genre boundaries, “The Last Breath” is the girls’ progressive take on a modern power ballad, with shifting time signatures and soaring builds. This song is brought to you from Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France and UK, with vocals by Corinna Kurschatke (Bloodfinch), guitar and piano by Catherine Fearns, bass and video production from Natalia Rozanova, drums by Elena Dergaus, and mixing as always by Stéphanie Nolf. “The Last Breath” also features cello accompaniment by Ksenia Dolgorukova and a stunning guitar solo from Chaos Rising’s regular shredder Barbara Teleki.

“It began with a simple melody and an unusual chord progression,” says songwriter Catherine Fearns. “But Chaos Rising songs are always collaborations and often develop in unexpected directions as each musician adds their stamp. I wanted to write a song for Corinna because I love her voice and her skill in finding melodies, and I couldn’t be more delighted with the result.”

Corinna explains the lyrics of this highly emotional song: “The Last Breath is about the inner fight of someone who is going to lose a sick, beloved person. Struggling between bitter sadness, despair, helplessness, anger and acceptance. The suffering of the sick person ends with death. The suffering of the one still here remains.”

Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf, Chaos Rising is a unique concept that brings together female metal musicians from across the globe. Since 2019 the project has gone from strength to strength, with seventeen monthly song releases across metal subgenres.

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