Lindsay Schoolcraft and Sarah Jezebel Deva unveil “Stolen Light”

Canadian vocalist and multiinstrumentalist Lindsay Schoolcraft (Antiqva, ex-Cradle Of Filth) joins forces with UK-based vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva (Torn Between Two Worlds, ex-Angtoria, Covenant, Cradle Of Filth) for a bittersweet piece “Stolen Light”.

Former Cradle Of Filth members Lindsay Schoolcraft and Sarah Jezebel Deva, who are both successfully forging their ways ahead with their respective projects these days, have teamed up for an emotional duet titled “Stolen Light”. Lindsay and Sarah bonded over their shared struggles they’ve previously faced in the music industry. Lindsay says: “This song is an ode to our perseverance, strength, and triumph in taking back our careers and love of singing and creating music.” 

“This song has been a long journey for both of us,” comments Lindsay. “We put a lot of heart and meaning into this track and we hope it brings you some healing and comfort like it did for us too.” She continues on the meaning of the song: “This song is about taking back your power after enduring a long and grueling abusive relationship. Often verbal and emotional abuse is overlooked compared to physical violence, but the after effects have proven to be equally as fatal in the long run.”

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