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World Mental Health Day 2021 pt. 2/5

Ayracsana // DemUnillusions

Mojej láske. (5)What message or words of encouragement would you give to someone who may be suffering or dealing with something?
Everyone has hard days in their lives. And everyone really needs support. Don’t be afraid to be sincere and talk. If there is something that makes you feel bad now, then, for sure, everything will be fine. Because life has not stopped, it is changing and you are with it. Above all, don’t let any problem break you. Only you can make yourself happy, and so it will be.

Banshee Wicked // Wicked Asylum

Mojej láske. (6)What helps and fuels you to go on when you feel down?
The first and loudest thing that helps me is my extended family: my husband, my three brothers and my “acquired sister” Chiara, my dogs and cats, my best friend Daniele, the girls in the band and my really few close friends (you know who you are; I love you dearly) who know everything which happens to me and know me best. Even when to leave me alone – I really need to be alone, from time to time. Having a safety net around you when you’re at your worst is the most important thing in the world, it helps you understand you’re not alone, you’re understood and you have people who care for you and love you no matter what.

What is something that you find worth fighting for?
Something worth fighting for? It’s funny you ask, my first tattoo was “Some things are worth fighting for”  from the Judas Priest song on my right forearm in 2010! A reminder for myself when the times get dark. Family (the one YOU feel it’s family, not necessarily your blood family) is worth fighting for, your music is worth fighting for, civil rights are worth fighting for, better understanding of mental health worldwide is worth fighting for. When you think about it, there are lots of things worth fighting for. And, to be candid, the first thing should be yourself. I’m not there yet. But I’m working on it.

What role had the music during the dark times and the journey to overcome the troubling times?
I’m quite ashamed to say that in the last year, one of the toughest ones in my whole life, also due to the world pandemic, I had a hard time listening to music at all. When I listen to music, it requires my undivided attention, my whole heart and brains have to be there, not just my ears, if you know what I mean. When my depression gets really tough, there’s no such thing as attention, no heart, no brain. I feel like an empty shell, not even ready to be filled with anything, let alone something as beautiful as music. So, no, I haven’t listened to pretty much any music, new or old, during the last year, just a couple of albums, but it felt pretty forced to be honest.

But music had a role during the last year, after all. Writing it, writing lyrics mostly, looking forward to new Wicked Asylum songs, and going back to the rehearsal rooms after a year to play our new album. That, that gave me new life. I felt like crying, like the impossible was possible again. This is what music is to me, what Wicked Asylum is to me, what my girls are to me. Peace of mind, love, ever-burning flame. And that, for me, is life itself.

What message or words of encouragement would you give to someone who may be suffering or dealing with something?

Belle Morte

Mojej láske. (8)What helps and fuels you to go on when you feel down? What is something that you find worth fighting for?
Like everyone, I guess, I have good times and bad times. During the ‘good times’ I make plans and try to start different initiatives that I know will bring me some pleasant emotions later. I think about it as planting seeds: this won’t give an immediate result, but as the time goes by I will harvest it.

This might be a lot of different things, starting from ordering some stuff online that I would use for a photoshoot later on, arranging collaborative projects with other musicians, recording vocal demos and sending it to my band mate for arrangement etc. The idea behind is that each morning, when I’m waking up, I have something to look forward to, something good to focus on.
During the bad times I try to hold onto the thought that some good things are coming along and I just have to wait some time before I can enjoy them.

Having some kind of a pipeline for my musical activities helps me make the bad times more bearable. And to me, music is something worth fighting for.

What role had the music during the dark times and the journey to overcome the troubling times?
Music has played maybe one of the leading roles to me, from two perspectives. First, during the darkest times I always turn to it as a listener. For every bad period in my life I can recall a particular artist (and sometimes a particular album or even a song) that helped me get through it. Being really low to me usually makes it hard to enjoy any art but music, everything feels dull and distant . But when it comes to music, it feels like all my senses become more susceptible and I can feel each of the nuances and relate to the lyrics deeper.

Secondly, song writing has always been a great therapy for me. The satisfaction I get when the new song is born, and I know it’s good, can hardly be compared with any other feeling. And it’s stronger than any negative emotion I had.

What message or words of encouragement would you give to someone who may be suffering or dealing with something?

Brandy Black // Call Of The Siren

tgWhat role has music played in helping you through the more difficult times in your life?
Music has been a major coping mechanism for me since I was a child. Growing up in a musical household my mother would sing to us to calm us and there was always some form of music playing in our home at all times. Now when I feel down in any way, I find it soothing and nostalgic to listen to music, especially classic rock cause that’s what I grew up with.

My Dad gave me my first guitar at the age of 11. He taught me some basic chords and I learned to pour my emotions into song writing. Song writing and performing on stage are my top two favorite ways to practice emotional release.

What kinds of things besides music help you through?
Being diagnosed with OCD and generalized anxiety and panic disorder, meditation has become a close friend followed by yoga and practicing Buddhism. The three go hand in hand and have taught me how to calm my mind and let go of things that don’t serve me. I have also learned to love myself and practice daily selfcare, even if it’s just a quick meditation session. Loving yourself is crucial to living a happy life.

What do you think is something worth fighting for? 

Do you have any words of encouragement for anyone out there going through a hard time? 
I encourage anyone going through a hard time to explore meditation. Our minds can be our best friends or our worst enemies. Meditation will teach you how to calm your mind and how to process your thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. Meditation has hugely impacted my life in a positive way and without it I’m honestly not sure I would still be here.

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