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Cage Fight Sign With Candlelight, Release A New Video Announce Debut Album

Hardcore/thrash crossover band Cage Fight, which features TesseracT guitarist James Monteith and former Eths vocalist Rachel Aspe, have announced their debut self-titled album, Cage Fight. The record is due out May 13 on Candlelight. 

One of the most furious hardcore records to emerge from the UK in recent years, the anger and frustration of Cage Fight’s self-titled debut album is the perfect catharsis for our times. 



Aspe comments, “I cherish the ability to channel my anger through this outlet. In a world full of uncertainty and frustration, this type of music was the only thing I found solace and balance in. These songs have a deep meaning for me and I hope this is something that other people can relate to.”

Bassist Jon Reid, adds, “In the wake of the greatest media heist in modern British times and the fall out of the cataclysmic debacle that is Brexit, it seemed perfect stimulus to write lyrics that confronted the continued world of systemic racism, cultural divide, and an antiquated class system wrapped up with personal mental health issues and the challenges of modern living.”

The album’s artwork — a grabbing hand with the Cage Fight logo tattooed on the palm — visually portrays the violent rage at the core of the band’s music. Legitimately inked by Aspe, a tattoo artist by trade, the process of creating the image is as impactful as the final artwork itself. 


“Intro” (Feat. Jeremy Sylvester)

“The Mirror Shattered”


“Hope Castrated”

“Make A Decision”


“Cage Fight!”

“Shine Don’t Fade”

“One Minute”

“Tell Me What Real Is”

“Respect Ends”

“Eating Me Alive” (Feat. Trevor Strnad The Black Dahlia Murder)

“My Dreams”

“Bitch In The Pit” (Body Count cover) 



Rachel Aspe — Vocals

James Monteith — Guitar

Jon Reid — Bass

Nick Plews — Drums




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