Epinikion present Detail about their upcoming Debut Album

We are proud to announce the release of our debut album! After releasing 3 singles in 2021, we have been working non stop to complete the album. It is a rock opera that tells a story that takes place during the Eighty Years’ War in Zealand, the Netherlands. The album is called ‘Inquisition’ and is set to be released on April 21st, 2022.

The vocals for the album were recorded at Project Zero Studio, Belgium. Yarne Heylen did the mixing and mastering. The album cover is made by Beatrice Demori. The album will be available as a Digipack CD. Pre-orders will start soon!

“Inquisition” features around 63 minutes of breathtaking symphonic metal.


01. The Council of Troubles

02. Inquisition

03. Love So Sublime

04. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jealousy

05. Stand Up And Fight

06. On the Brink Of Despair

07. In the Middle of The Night

08. Sail Away

09. False Faced Demon

10. If I Could Turn Back Time

11. Strangers in the Dark

12. The Courage to Change


Epinkion is:

Eleonora Damiano – Vocals

Robert Tangerman – Rhythm Guitars

Renate de Boer – Keyboards

Emre Demir – Bass

Guest artists:

– Levent Gaşgil – Lead Guitars

– Loek Verlaan – Stand Up And Fight

– Tamara Bouwhuis – In the Middle of The Night

– Laura Guldemond – False Faced Demon

– Monique de Bruin – If I Could Turn Back Time

– Debby Zimmermann – If I Could Turn Back Time






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