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Fallcie postpones Album Release and Russian Tour.

This may come as no surprise. Russian Metalcore / Nu Metal act Fallcie just announced that they postpone the release of their upcoming Album “Volcano” and the tour through Russia. As of now it is unclear, when the tour will take place, but we have a new release date for “Volcano”. See more in Fallcie’s statement.

Dear friends! With heavy hearts we have to postpone the release of ‘Volcano’ album as well as the following Russian tour. We believe it isn’t right to party while innocent people are being killed in Ukraine. Also we decide to stay with our families in this dark times. Warmest thanks to everybody who wrote words to support us, we appreciate it so much! Fallcie say no to war! There’s no any excuses for killing people. We are deeply saddened and hope this nightmare ends as soon as possible. Peace to all of you, your relatives and friends. ‘Volcano’ album will be out on July, 29. We apologize to everybody who was waiting for the album. Those who made pre-orders of the album and don’t want to wait until July, please contact us for refund.






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