Liv Kristine Becomes the Singer of Midnattsol

A few weeks ago Midnattsol announced that Liv Kristine has become the official second singer of the band.

“Some time ago we discussed with Liv that she would support us on our upcoming album as a special guest. Working together, we found out that not only the result is awesome – we also have a lot of fun together. The logical consequence was that we pick up Liv as a permanent member of the band. So she is now the official second singer in Midnattsol.

We have already recorded Liv as second voice on some songs for the next album. Liv will also have her own parts in some songs, so these songs will be more like a duett of the two sisters. We think the result will blow you away.

As Liv is now a permanent band member we plan to play upcoming concerts together with her.

We are very happy and it means a lot to us to have auch an amazing singer and fantastic person in our Midnattsol family.”

Photo by unknown