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Amanda Somerville´s Trillium – Time To Shine (Official Video)

Amanda Somerville’s Trillium is back with the first taste of new music, revealing a video for “Time To Shine”. 

“The focus for the video was something where I wanted to show the essence of the album’s hopeful and uplifting spirit. “Time To Shine” depicts that positivity while maintaining a serious, hard-edge vibe, so it’s a good combination of the elements that I love about Tectonic. Besides being autobiographical, I feel like this is a song that says, “OK, I’ve arrived and it’s where I want to be: here I am, now let’s keep it going,” says Amanda.

Trilliums debut “Alloy” came out in 2011. Amanda explains the difference between the two records: “Where “Alloy” was rather dark and moody and restless, “Tectonic” is on the whole more uplifting and full of strength and character, though it’s just as full of emotion. The core and essence of “Tectonic” is very personal and comes, basically, from the hearts and minds of a singer and a guitar player and I think that’s very apparent when you listen to the songs.”

Trilliums second studio album “Tectonic” comes out June 8.


1. Time To Shine
2. Stand Up
3. Full Speed Ahead
4. Hit Me
5. Fighting Fate
6. Nocturna
7. Fatal Mistake
8. Shards
9. Cliché Freak Show
10. Eternal Spring