Michalina Malisz of Eluveite launches new blog Ancient Made Present

Eluveitie hurdy-gurdy player Michalina Malisz has launched a new personal blog. Ancient Made Present offers a look inside Michalina’s mind and world both, inside and outside of Eluveitie, but mainly mythology and storytelling.

“I started this blog because exploring mythology and storytelling belongs to my great passions. I’m fascinated by how myths and legends disclose universal truths about people and I love observing traces of foregone times in modern world. I always aim to deliver my thoughts in most consistent form. Clarity of mind and message is what I’m looking for,” she explains. 

What can you expect from Ancient Made Spirit? Michalina says: “It’s mostly about stories here. More ambience, less science. But one thing is certain: Ancient spirit still exists and the mission of this blog is to unveil it.” 

So far, you can read articles about how it all started with Eluveitie, what she loves about the band and her fascination with tale, legend and myth. You can visit the blog here:

Ancient Made Spirit

Michalina joined Eluveitie as a new hurdy-gurdy player after the simultaneous department of Merlin Sutter, Anna Murphy and Ivo Henzi in May 2016. You can hear Michalina playing on band’s acoustic album “Evocation II: Pantheon”, as well as on the single “Rebirth”, which you can listen to below.