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Single Review: Kälad – Inner Tide

Debuting in February 2020, Mexican Symphonic Metallers, Kälad, have rapidly positioned themselves amongst National and International Music Scenes. Started by Julieta Ruiseco and Mario Dorantes, Kälad released their single “Sail Away”, on the eve of the pandemic. Following with homonym, “Kalad”, they managed to reach the Top 100 rankings of Mexican Metal favourites in a few short steps.

Accompanied by dense atmospheres, Kälad use Symphonic Metal to tell stories about intimate romantic adventures whilst their melodies transport us to a world rich in poetry and passion where one theme resonates throughout – the sea.

Debuting their latest single “Inner Tide” with a fiery music video on YouTube on February 3rd, 2022, Kälad says that this track ‘defines the musical style of the band’ after feeling true completion with the joining of Guitarist and Composer Gus Calavera. With the accompaniment of Alex Medina, Kälad reinvent themselves to deliver continuity and a worthy position in the Latin American Metal Scene.

This single is mystifying and fantastical with a dark and mysterious atmosphere at the helm. A solid mix of harsh and clean vocals drop at perfect intervals while a crimson backdrop, illuminated by fire performance ups the magnitude of its feel. “Inner Tide” takes on the experiences of life that truly put our strength to the test. It’s as if we do not get the right to choose our lives but, are dealt a hand from the beginning and must move forward with it no matter the cost (loss, lack of freedom, separation). It is then that we begin to question what we truly have control over, only to realize that we cannot control what comes to us, only how we choose to react to the situation.

Hard bass drops lead to some chaotic head-banging that are rich in the ‘I-love-what-I-do’ feeling that work well with the untamed guitars that flicker on and off throughout. Glaring drum work with a solid foundation and steady patterns alter the rhythm at the right moment to escalate the melody and bring in new power.

Julieta’s robotic motions, as seen in the music video, moving and singing along with Mario’s harsh vocals are fueled by her energy and feverish intent. She brings a level of adrenaline to this track with her own aura that commands attention on every glance. The drop is unhinged in its entirety mixing rapid drums with furious chords to leave jaws on the floor. If this is only a taste of what Kälad is going to give us, we should be prepared to clear the table and offer them all the space they need. Not only is this track entertaining, it’s vicious and powerful, commanding attention, and repeated play from start to finish.

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