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For I Am King – Prey (Official Video)

Dutch metal outfit For I Am King has released a new single accompanied by a music video. “Prey” offers a first taste of what’s to come for For I Am King next. 

Vocalist Alma Alizadeh comments on the song’s meaning: “The song is meant as an indictment of trophy hunters. Killing animals purely for fun should not be seen as entertainment or be acceptable. Especially when endangered species are involved. Instead, we think it is cowardice and inhuman.”

The band wanted to translate the aggression and anger into music. This resulted in “Prey” – one of the most aggressive songs in the band’s repertoire. However, Alma adds: “But we still wanted to keep the melodies flowing. Mainly meant as a silver lining and a reminder that most people feel the way we do about trophy hunting.”

Watch the video for “Prey” below.