Metal Goddesses vol. 11 – 07/18

Metal Goddesses vol. 11 - 07/18 on Metal Goddesses.

After last month’s extreme/gothic metal insanity, it was time for some mainstream vocals…
Metal Goddesses vol. 11 is now available for streaming with 15 of the best symphonic/power metal songs from Delain, Leaves’ Eyes, Beyond the Black and many more. Now click play and enjoy.


  1. Xandria – A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall
  2. Diabulus in Musica – Blazing a Trail
  3. Beyond the Black – Heart of the Hurricane
  4. Delain – Fire With Fire
  5. Epica – Martyr of the Free World
  6. The Dark Element – Dead to Me
  7. Eleine – Echoes
  8. Nightwish – End of All Hope
  9. Sleeping Romance – My Temptation
  10. Leaves’ Eyes – Sign of the Dragonhead
  11. Whyzdom – The Lighthouse
  12. ReVamp – Precibus
  13. Stream of Passion – Exile
  14. Within Temptation – Hand of Sorrow
  15. Beyond the Black – My God Is Dead

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mg vol 11 cover
Cover image: Charlotte Wessels at Summer Breeze Open Air, 2017 by Metal Goddesses Media Association. Original photo by Valerie Schuster. All rights reserved.