Ex Libris: The "Ann" Trilogy Music Videos News

Ex Libris – The Courtship (Lyric Video)

Ex Libris present a lyric video for “The Courtship”. The song comes from the first chapter of Ex Libris’s trilogy “Ann“. You can watch the video below. 

The band explains: “ANN is not only the title of our third album, it is also the name that binds the three women from the different chapters together. Each from a different time, a different place and a different background, but all three of the women have a story that needs to be told.”

“Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn” tells the story of Boleyn’s marriage to Henry VIII, the miscarriage and her beheading. The names of chapters 2 and 3 as well as their main characters are yet to be announced. Estimated delivery of chapter 2 is early 2019 and chapter 3 should follow at the end of summer 2019.