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Amaranthe stream new single “Inferno”

Amaranthe present the third single off their upcoming record “Helix”. The track is called “Inferno”, and you can listen to it below.

Band’s fifth studio album “Helix” is set to be released on October 19th. The song-writing and recording process was very smooth for the band this time. They took a break from touring for two months to write and then another two and a half months to record it. In an interview for Crypticrock, Elize Ryd comments: “We ended up starting to write in January, and we had to be done in March, because 1st of March, we had already booked the studio with Jacob Hansen. It took us two months to finish all the songs, but they were 80% done, and we finished everything else in the studio. That was a little bit different than how we wrote the previous album, but it was kind of good because we could think about the songs 24/7 for two months.” 

“Helix” is also the first band’s effort with a new vocalist Nils Molin, who joined Amaranthe after Jake E’s departure in 2017. “If you bring in a new singer, you don’t know what you are going to end up with. You don’t know if they would be comfortable, for example, working with Jacob Hansen, or with us. He did very well, and as a person for this band, he fits very well. We all became very close and connected; he fits very well,” says Ryd on the account of the new singer.

You can see and hear the new songs come alive on the European tour with Powerwolf in October and November.