MG Exclusive

Learn to scream with Once Human’s Lauren Hart

Vocal lessons and vocal coaching are an essential part of each vocalist’s life. Well, they should be, and women of metal know the best. Lauren Hart of Once Human has recently talked about how she learned to scream and gave some useful tips to all screaming beginners.

When you look at female metal vocalists a bit closer, you will find two types of relationships they have with vocal coaching. Marcela Bovio, Federica Lanna, Diva Satanica, Iris Goessens, and many others share their wisdom and teach the art of singing other aspiring vocalists. On the other hand, there are women who prefer learning and taking advice from other skilled professionals. It’s a well-known fact that Lena Scissorhands and even former Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow are followers of the legendary vocal coach Melissa Cross. Her instructional DVDs “Zen of Screaming” have shaped hundreds of “unclean” vocalists but so far the best screaming vocal lesson came without a doubt from Once Human’s Lauren Hart. Listen to her words of wisdom in the video below.