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Semblant – Mere Shadow (Music Video)

Rising Brazilian metallers Semblant released the first single off of their upcoming album “Obscura”, out March 6th via Frontiers Records SRL. “Mere Shadows” comes with a music video and captures the unique sound of Semblant with its powerful riffs, catchy melodies and amazing voices of vocalists Mizuho Lin and Sergio Mazul.

Vocalist Sergio Mazul says: “The last few years were really intense for the band. “Lunar Manifesto” received a lot of attention a while after it was first released. It was actually released twice: independently first, and a second time with our previous label (and that meant we had to promote it longer than originally intended). Besides that, we faced some extremely difficult moments in our personal lives during the songwriting process of “Obscura” and it definitely shows when you listen to the whole album. We put all of our hearts in this record to help us deal with all the trouble we were facing during that time.”

Guitarist Juliano Ribeiro adds: “Obscura is definitely a more mature record. We were really conscious of everything we wanted it to be like it since the beginning of the process, so we took all the time we needed to make the album exactly how we wanted. It’s important to say that we’ve been together as a band for many years now and it also had a big impact on the result of this album.”  

This spring Semblant will be touring through Europe to promote the upcoming album. Click here for the dates.

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