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Amberian Dawn – Looking For You (Music Video)

Finnish symphonic metal band Amberian Dawn unveiled the title track and video “Looking For You” from the same-named album. You can watch the video below.

The new song and upcoming album are stylistically described as ‚ABBA-Metal’ by the band itself, rather than symphonic/power metal. Keyboardist Tuomas Sepälä states: ”This is the Crown Jewel of the album. This song is exactly what so-called ABBA-Metal is all about. Haunting and dramatic keyboards, strong melodies and tons of vocal tracks. I worked closely with Finnish synthesizer artist Kebu to achieve this wonderful vintage keyboard sound. I let myself go into world of 80’s synthesizer music and then my band mates helped me to arrange the song into an AMBERIAN DAWN- song. “

“Looking For You” will be out on January 31st via  Napalm Records.



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