Isaac Delahaye of Epica launches College Of Metal

Isaac Delahaye, guitar player for symphonic metal band Epica, is launching College Of Metal for all metal musicians interested in getting their band and their playing to a higher level. Find more details below.

Prior to joining Epica in 2009, Delahaye was the lead guitarist in the Dutch death metal band God Dethroned and a member of the symphonic death metal band MaYaN from 2010 to 2013. He’s been teaching guitar for around 20 years and touring as a professional musician for almost 15 years now.

The main aim of College of Metal is to make people better metal musicians by providing practical and in-depth lessons from the artists themselves. Instructional guitars lessons and guitar tabs will be available soon for purchase.

Besides that, College of Metal aims to provide relevant info about the business to all aspiring musicians in a form of articles that will be published regularly. Isaac says: “Being a great musician is one thing; getting yourself and/or your band to a higher level is as important. Along the way, I’ve been involved with a range of music managers, producers, record labels, bookers, publishing and copyright companies, etc.”

To get a glimpse of what to expect, you get a free download of guitar tabs for Epica’s track “Universal Death Squad” instantly. Visit for more information and watch Isaac’s introductory video below.