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Myrkur is recording a new album

Danish composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Myrkur is working on a new album. She has entered a studio a few days back to work on a follow-up to her 2017’s full-length “Mareridt”. Her upcoming album will be fully concentrating on folk music instead of black metal.

Last week, Myrkur confirmed she’s working on a new folk album when she posted pictures from the studio on her social media platforms. “This is where I will be for the next full month; buried in sagas, ancient instruments, dreams, pagan myths, dark fairytales and nature elements,” commented the musician.

Myrkur’s latest 2-track EP “Juniper” came out in December 2018, featuring a rendition of a traditional Danish folk song “Bonden og Kragen”. This track can serve as a preview of what to expect from her new folk album. “I just want to do a folk record, and see how that feels,” she said in a recent interview for Revolver. Asked if she wants to reinvent more traditional songs on her upcoming record, Myrkur stated: “I want to take these old traditional folk songs — and yeah, I’m going to make them my own — but I don’t really want to make them new”, adding that as a purist – when it comes to folk music – she doesn’t “love it when people want to invent something new”. She continued: “You should be innovative, but I like staying a bit true with the instrumentation, and things like that.” Of course, the new album will be filled with her original compositions, “my more folk-oriented music.”

Below, you can watch a video for “Bonden og Kragen”.