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Eluveitie – Ategnatos (Music Video)

Folk metallers Eluveitie present the title track of their upcoming album “Ategnatos”, due out April 5 via Nuclear Blast Records. You can find a music video for “Ategnatos”, as well as album artwork and tracklist, below.

Eluveitie’s eighth full-length album “Ategnatos” is based on archaic archetypes and ancient concept of renewal. “We all wade through archetypes. We all ARE archetypes,” introduces the band the new concept. “Distant echoes of life both primaeval and noble. To embrace these archetypes, to accept them not only as a part of life but as life itself is what some may call enlightenment, some peace of mind. We call it “Ategnatos”.”

Where does the album title come from? Chrigel Glanzmann, the band leader, explains: “Ategnatos is the Gaulish word for ‘reborn’. To the sharpened mind, it points out the concealed, long forgotten key to change and renewal. There’s always suffering before bliss. And always darkness before light.” He continues: “This one almost became something like a socio-critical uncovering work, some kind of a revelation, a doomsday prophecy. Dark and severe in its atmosphere and charisma, and also occult, arcane and elitist. The image, of course, is blood-curling. At least to those with eyes to see.”

The new album is a manifesto, a mystical and philosophical work transmitting mythology, pagan belief and spirituality into today’s world. “These archetypes are still within us. People didn’t change that much during the last 3000 years – and men were always just men.”

“Ategnatos” was recorded at New Sound Studio with Tommy Vetterli. Commemorating their breakthrough album “Slania” released more than ten years ago, the band decided to return to Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, and have the new record mixed by Jens Bogren once again. “Ategnatos” is Eluveitie’s first metal album with the new line-up after major line-up changes in 2016. For the first time, the band worked with a real string quartet and managed to finish recordings in a rather short period of time as they “only had four weeks to record this time around”. The album offers the most aggressive track of Eluveitie career; titled “Worship”, the brutal piece features Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe on guest vocals. The artwork, which can be seen below, was created once again by Travis Smith.


01. Ategnatos
02. Ancus
03. Deathwalker
04. Black Water Down
05. A Cry In The Wilderness
06. The Raven Hill
07. The Silvern Glow
08. Ambiramus
09. Mine Is The Fury
10. The Slumber
11. Worship feat. Randy Blythe
12. Trinoxtion
13. Threefold Death
14. Breathe
15. Rebirth
16. Eclipse

Bonus (digibook version):
17. Ategnatos (Acoustic Version)
18. Ambiramus (Acoustic Version)
19. Threefold Rebirth

Chrigel on the new single: “So here it is, the first single off our new album (well, apart the ‘sneak peek’ you already got a year ago with ‘Rebirth’), being the title track itself. It’s the song off the album introducing you into the whole mental realm that is ‘Ategnatos’! Its message comes inconvenient maybe, challenging, evocative. This is a call from Antumnos!”

The band will be touring all around Europe with Lacuna Coil and Infected Rain in November/December, and Australia and New Zealand in May. Don’t miss them on the road.