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Within Temptation’s return to North America

2018 will be forever marked as a comeback year for Dutch stars Within Temptation fronted by the charismatic Sharon den Adel. They successfully proved themselves on stages all around Europe at the end of the year, and after kicking off 2019 by releasing a new album, it was time to present the “Resist” material live in other territories. The band headed for North America. Read all about their road and check our photo gallery below.

It was the end of November 2017 when Within Temptation announced a huge comeback European tour for late 2018. The first shows started selling out almost one year before the actual tour. The expectations and excitement of fans were growing bigger each day, and the tour later turned into a milestone introducing the new WT era – Resist era. The band kicked off the tour on October 11, 2018, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, with new outfits, new stage production and new setlist presenting a couple of new songs. Finally, Within Temptation’s seventh studio effort “Resist” came out February 1, 2019, after unfortunate events caused to postpone its original December release.

Energized by the positive feedback to their new material inspired by modern pop music with a more futuristic approach, the band continued to spread their “Resist philosophy” overseas. They weren’t stopped by borders nor ocean and managed to bring this gigantic touring cycle full of explosive moments to North America. All in all, the band has scheduled 15 shows for their US and Canadian fans, the first show taking place in Baltimore on February 28. Despite the new tracks oriented setlist, classics such as “Mother Earth” and “Stand My Ground” are still part of the show. On top of that, a few nights back, Within Temptation surprised the audience with a live premiere of the single “In Vain”. And even though the stage production doesn’t reach the size of the tremendous European tour production, the band manages to deliver a spectacular performance each night. It is truly a breathtaking experience for North American Resisters who had waited for years for Within Temptation’s great return. 

As proof, we have a photo gallery from the still ongoing tour. Kristin Michel captured some of the electrifying show’s best moments in Philadelphia and New York City for you, so check it out below.


Photos by Kristin Michel. All rights reserved.