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Test Your Knowledge: Nightwish

Test your knowledge about Finland’s greatest symphonic metal export, Nightwish! To celebrate more than two decades of the great Finnish symphonic metal, we present you the first Nightwish quiz by Metal Goddesses.

Nightwish is one of the best known and most successful bands when it comes to symphonic metal. Founded in 1996, the band has released eight studio albums and sold a total of over 9 million records all over the world. In 2018, Nightwish were included in the Finnish music hall of fame as the 11th member. Nightwish recently caught a lot of attention worldwide as their lead singer Floor Jansen participated in a successful Dutch TV show “Beste Zangers”. The band is also working on their 9th studio album and a live DVD from their recent “Decades World Tour”, which is due December 6th, 2019.  So no matter if you know them since their beginnings or just discovered their music recently, this quiz is supposed to be fun in the first place. In addition, you may learn a couple of new, interesting facts about Nightwish! 


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