Frozen Crown announce line-up changes

Italian power metal band Frozen Crown parted ways with three of their members. Read more below.

The band has just announced that they’re parting ways with Thalìa Bellazecca (guitars), Alberto Mezzanotte (drums) and Filippo Zavattari (bass)  through social media. The three members decided to leave Frozen Crown last year in order to focus on their personal projects.

Read the band’s statement: “Dear friends, as you already know 2020 has been a hard year for musicians and each of us had to take some time to sit down, deal with reality and review his/her own priorities in life. It’s not easy to be part of a band, let alone doing it during a period that doesn’t allow you to live that experience to the fullest and to travel the world playing around, or even to share some time with your band mates to start with. This is why, in different times during last year, Alberto, Thalía and Filippo decided to leave the band to focus on their personal projects: we wish them all the best for their new ventures and for their lives. We would also like to thank them for the awesome moments spent touring around, and to celebrate our three years together with this last video from ‘Crowned In Frost’, portraying the ‘classic’ Frozen Crown line-up.” 

Watch the new and last video with the former Frozen Crown line-up for “Battles In The Night”:

Frozen Crown has already finished works on their third album. More details as well as new members will be announced shortly. Says the band: “As you already know, our third album has just been completed (as the songwriting line-up remains unchanged anyway) and will be announced in the next days, as well as the new members of the band.”

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