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Jinjer- Teacher, Teacher! (Music Video)

Jinjer present a music video for the fourth single of their latest EP “Micro” released back in January. You can watch the video for “Teacher, Teacher!” featuring live footage from their latest European tour with Amorphis and Soilwork below.

“Remember when the chosen few were constantly telling you what to do, how to dress, which job or career was best for you, which friends to make, what to eat, drink, what to say and what to think, when to breathe and when to live?! Don’t let those “Teachers” fool you, don’t let them make a fool of you because some of those Teachers are fools too!” states the band on their social media. They add: “The idea behind the song is about people that dictate their agenda by means of their status, position or just their Internet claim to fame in order to impose their opinion on to others but those opinions aren’t based on experience nor knowledge.” 

Jinjer can be seen all around Europe doing some headliner shows in between festivals in summer. Check the poster below for more details.