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Eluveitie – The Slumber (Lyric Video)

Folk metallers Eluveitie present a new lyric video for “The Slumber”, a track taken from their new album “Ategnatos”. “The Slumber” is part of a two song cycle based on the ancient Celtic legend of the giant Sesroneos. Read more below.

The inspiration for this cycle comes from one of the oldest Celtic myths – the legend of the giant Sesroneos and his bull Tauriscus. Sesroneos and Tauriscus repressed and preyed on the Celts, who were forced to live as if “in slumber“. The second song of the cycle is “Worship”, the track featuring Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe, written from Sesroneo’s point of view. Both tracks are taken from Eluveitie’s eighth studio album “Ategnatos” introducing the archaic archetypes and ancient concept of renewal.

Besides the two-song cycle “The Slumber – Worship”, the concept of Sesroneos is also present on “The Day Of Strife” from 2014’s album “Origins”. This particular piece portrays the arrival of the god Ogmnios who stepped forth from the Antumnos’ doors “to bring to justice the grim tyrants” and helped the Celts break free.

“That ancient myth tells the story of an enslaved people, of a dictatorship and of a liberation. And it speaks to our modern societies with the same power and truth as it did speak to people more than 2000 years ago,” states the band in the video that’s available below.