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MaYaN – The Power Process (Music Video)

Symphonic death metal supergroup MaYaN presents a music video for “The Power Process”, taken from their third studio album “Dhyana”. Watch it below.

MaYaN is an international outfit featuring current and former members of bands such as Epica, After Forever, Delain and Stream of Passion. In September 2018, MaYaN released their third studio effort “Dhyana”, for which the band teamed up with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, known for their work in cinematic features such as the Star Wars saga, Hannibal and many more. The new full-length release reflects on conceptual themes such as self-awareness and relinquishing our ego and self-conceited tendencies to find out who we truly are. Musically, “Dhyana” is an adventurous story made of brutal guitar riffs, vocal duels and battles, majestic instrumentals and even acoustic guitars and haunting piano moments. In terms of vocals, the album represents a perfect marriage of symphonic and death metal elements, operatic styled vocals and death growls.

Marcela Bovio, one of the band’s vocalists, comments on the new video: “We’re very excited to share with you our new videoclip ‘The Power Process’! We had the pleasure of working again with Arno de Haas, who also directed the videoclip of ‘Saints Don’t Die’. Can you guess who the story was inspired by?”