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Spiritbox – Bleach Bath (Music Video)

Canadian progressive metal outfit Spiritbox presents a new single “Bleach Bath”, taken from their “Singles Collection” EP. The single comes with a music video that can be seen below.

Spiritbox is a progressive metal band from Victoria, British Columbia founded by husband and wife duo Courtney La Plante and Michael Stringer, best-known for their time in metalcore band iwrestledabearonce. The duo self-released their self-titled debut EP in 2017, building the popularity on the contrast of “beautiful vs. ugly” vision. Applying the same rule to music, heavy technical instrumentals and uncompromising growls on the one hand, and melodic hooks with divine voice of Courtney on the other, are characteristic for the band’s sound. Soon, Spiritbox became a trio when Bill Crook joined the couple on their courageous journey.

“Bleach Bath” represents the final piece in a collection of singles Spiritbox started releasing at the end of 2018 (“Perennial”, “Electric Cross”, “Trust Fall”, “Belcarra”), all part of “Singles Collection” EP now.

The vocalist Courtney on the track: “We have all had a toxic person enter our lives who brings out our weakness, our paranoia, and our low self-esteem. These people extract the worst in us, and we have to confront these facets of ourselves whether we want to or not.”

She continues: ““Bleach Bath” is the final chapter from our collection of singles we started releasing towards the end of 2018. We saved this one for last for a reason: we believe it represents the balancing act we strive to perform between beautiful and hideous. Instrumentally there is an uncomfortable tension that builds throughout the song that we have enhanced with strange EVP noises building in the background.”