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Alia Tempora to release new album in two weeks

Czech modern/symphonic metal band Alia Tempora is working in the studio. The new album titled ”Dragonfly Effect” will be released September 21. The band has already revealed the cover art, which you can see below, and opened the pre-order option.

Recently, frontwoman Markéta Morávková has answered fans’ questions about the upcoming release. She stated that “Dragonfly Effect” would be “in some way” heavier than their debut work, “Digital Cube”. Markéta also explained the concept of the album.“The “Dragonfly Effect” embraces the individuality and uniqueness of each of us. It teaches us that it’s not bad to be different and it’s not a weakness to be the outsider. Those differences others are mocking and bullying us for can make the highest value after all,” she says. 

Dragonfly has its special meaning to Alia Tempora. The image of this little insect is used in cover artworks of both of their albums. It symbolizes the ability to overcome the hard times, that every single thing, no matter how small or bad it seems to be, is forming our personality. 


1. Dragonfly Effect
2. Bark on Me
3. Black ‘N’ White
4. Asking
5. Humanity
6. Ready, Hun?
7. Haul of Fame
8. Get Well Soon
9. Loser Like Me
10. Crossroads
+ Bonus tracks

To support the upcoming album release, Alia Tempora has already announced tour dates in the UK and Mexico. See the dates below: 

SEP 21 – CZ – Femme Fatale vol. 6, Melodka, Brno
SEP 28 – UK – B2 Venue, Norwich
SEP 29 – UK – The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton
OCT 02 – UK – Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
OCT 03 – UK – Trillians Newcastle, Newcastle
OCT 04 – UK – The Tooth & Claw, Inverness
OCT 05 – UK – The Mulberry, Sheffield
OCT 06 – UK – The Quinphonic Festival, B’ham
OCT 07 – UK – Nambucca, London
OCT 25 – MX – The Sham Rock, Cuautitlan Izcalli
OCT 26 – MX – Foro Puebla, Puebla
OCT 27 – MX – Rock Son, Mexico City
OCT 31 – MX – Sala Traffic, Toluca
NOV 01 – MX – San Luis Potosi


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