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[In Mute] – Chaos Breeder (Music Video)

Valencia-based death metal band [In Mute] presents a new single with renewed line-up. Watch the video for the title of their upcoming album “Chaos Breeder” below.

“Chaos Breeder” is the first single with the new vocalist Vanja “Obscure” Plavšić. From 2012 to 2018, Vanja was a vocalist of Maltese death/black metal band MartYriuM and joined [In Mute] after the departure of former vocalist Estefanía “Steffi” García in early 2019. For the first time, the album features also melodic vocals of Mike La Riva who joined the band as a guitarist in 2017. [In Mute]’s new album “Chaos Breeder” is due out on November 15th 2019 via Art Gates Records. You can see the cover and tracklist below:


1. Just(ice)
2. A Beautiful Disaster
3. Beyond Death
4. Eccetorment
5. Depth of Suffering
6. Calibrated Face
7. Chaos Breeder
8. Unhallowed Divination

The band dropped the first taste of the new album today: “Here you have our new video “Chaos Breeder”. It has been months of hard work and we can finally show you the result. We have to thank Borja Pascual for his work on this video, for the result and for having directed and assembled it in record time.”

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