Infected Rain – Endorphin (Full Album)

Moldovan stars Infected Rain just dropped their long-awaited new album “Endorphin” this past Friday. IR’s fourth studio album is the first one under the wings of Napalm Records and what a label debut it is! “Endorphin” is dark, heavy and soul-wrenching, mainly Lena Scissorhands’ insane vocal performance. She balances between anger, sadness, vulnerability and melody just brilliantly, showcasing her vocal capabilities in full force. Musically, the album shows a hint of progression with an extra addition of electronic and ethereal, haunting elements. “Endorphin” has a strong healing effect on your soul and mind, just like this naturally produced chemical in our bodies. This album was written to cope with pain or stress. On both sides – band’s and listeners’. Stream it below.


Purchase “Endorphin” here.