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Angela Gossow unveils “heart- project” for a local kindergarten

Extreme metal legend Angela Gossow has unveiled her “heart – project”, creating a wild nature–garden in a kindergarten for children from 2 years and older.

Angela and German public figure Maria Westphal are supporting a program for a local kindergarten in Cologne, where the children learn how to take care of flowers, bees and plants. The wild nature – garden contains, for example, a natural place where children can retreat and relax, a lot of different materials like sand, stones, wood or bark mulch and a big variety of flowers and plants.

Maria Westphal shared on Instagram: „To save our planet, we have to tackle a lot of topics, but to begin with the community around us, just next door, is the first step. So we both, Angela and I, support a program in cologne that shall lead to a new surrounding for the little ones: we want to develop a wild nature – garden in a kindergarten! Kids are our future, and they should have the right to live their lives in a natural, healthy environment. With this program, they begin learning at the age 2 how to interact with bees and care for flowers and plants they planted themselves.”

To help create a natural environment for the children, you can make donations here.


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