Phantom Elite sign to Frontiers

Phantom Elite fronted by Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, Avantasia-live) have signed a multi-album deal with Italian label Frontiers Music srl. Read more below.

Besides Marina, the band features songwriting and production from former After Forever guitarist and producer Sander Gommans who founded the band six years ago. Sonically, Phantom Elite is a perfect combination of symphonic, progressive, and heavy metal, and they’re ready to drop their sophomore album next year.
“With the backbone of a sure-fire label and its decades of history-making in the music business, we are proud to present the release of our next album in 2020,” says the band. “Impacting songs where modern meets symphonic and progressive, (very!) heavy riffs meet epic melodies, overloaded with a wide spectrum of emotions and love for music. For sure, a high note in our career!”
The debut album “Wasteland” (2018), and the accompanying well-received tour of Europe showed that Phantom Elite is ready to take flight.
The band’s Frontiers debut, and second album overall is anticipated to be released sometime in 2020. Marina, Sander, Max van Esch (guitars), and Joeri Warmerdam (drums) are currently working hard to finish work on the album, but their main goal is celebrating their shared love for music.
Meanwhile, watch the video for “Wasteland” below:


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