Secret Rule Announce New Album “Against”

Italian symphonic metal band Secret Rule has unveiled details of their new album. It’s titled “Against” and comes out on February 21 via Pride & Joy Music. See more details below.

The band: “The time has come. The Fifth Era is starting. Nothing will ever be the same again. Please, don’t look for Symphonic Metal, or Black Metal, or Heavy Metal. Purify yourself from all your schemes, open your mind, feel free to fly above the chains of false stereotypes created by distorted humanity. You are you, nothing else. No corruption, no hypocrisy, no induction, no guide, no religion, no politics. This time we want to say just one thing: We are AGAINST!!!”


1. Spira Mirabilis
2. Shades Of Humanity
3. Rise Again
4. Going Nowhere
5. Digital Revolution
6. Endless Promises
7. Purgatory
8. Against
9. Deep Solitude
10. Outsiders
11. My Last Breath
12. Don’t Let Me Fade

The band has chosen “Purgatory” to be the first single introducing their new era. It will drop on December 13, so stay tuned!

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