Song challenge

Song challenge: Lady Arsenic (Arsenic Addiction)


Among the firsts to accept our challenge was the vocalist and keyboardist of Utah-based blackened symphonic metal act Arsenic Addiction. Haley Ann Grow, better known as Lady Arsenic, joined Arsenic Addiction in 2006 and released one EP and three full-lengths with the band, latest being their 2019’s “XIX”. With her ethereal vocals and witchy vibe, Lady Arsenic is the perfect fit for the band that shifted from Victorian-inspired style to themes of witchcraft, demons, rituals and blasphemy progressively over the years. Falling for extreme music at the age of 14, Lady A’s mission’s been clear – to bless our ears with blasphemous tunes and scare the kinds in her neighbourhood. See how she did in our challenge below.

A song that inspired you to join a metal band:  Kittie- What I Always Wanted
  • “Kittie was part of my introduction to metal. I discovered them at 14 years old and they helped inspire my journey to become a metal vocalist. I’ve always loved how there is singing AND screaming and the two are combined effortlessly.”

A song that you love the music video of
  • “Behemoth’s music videos are phenomenal. It would be a toss up between their video for “God=Dog” or  “O Father, O Satan, O Son!”. Cradle of Filth’s “Nymphetamine”  is a stunning gothic masterpiece. MYRKUR – “Ulvinde”, Chelsea Wolfe – “Be All Things”.

A song with witchy vibes you love: In This Moment – Oh Lord
  • “The song is sexy, witchy, with a little bit of the southern rock swagger. It’s fun to listen to, fun to sing, and catchy. Anything Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks (naturally). Anything Chelsea Wolfe or Heilung sounds deeply witchy/natural magic to me.”

A song that gives you chills whenever you hear it
  • “Entombed – “Left Hand Path” or Dimmu Borgir – “Progenies of the Great Apocalypse’” specifically when Vortex breaks off into his clean vocal solo or Mustis’s piano bridge into the outro.  Heilung – “Krigsgaldr” is like being privy to a secret ritual.”

A song from Arsenic Addiction that you would put on the soundtrack of a horror movie: 
  • “Probably “So Below”!”

A song from Arsenic Addiction with a special meaning to you:
  • “Of course they all have special meaning to me but “Maleificium” and “Moon and Sun” are two of the most personal songs. I write each song from personal experience but those two were definitely written at a really difficult point in my life. “

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