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MOYRA – Ready! Aim And Fire! (Music Video)

Polish melodic death metallers MOYRA are back with a new single and video. Listen to and watch the video for “Ready! Aim And Fire!” below.

Moyra was formed in 2017 by Margo Szkoda-Hreczuch and is fronted by Margo Moyra. The band is a creation of many years of experience that had to be gained to create something new and fresh on Polish metal stage.

Music of Moyra is melodic death metal, but the musicians do not flee from doing experiments by mixing different styles to create something solid and interesting for a future audience. The main subject in Moyra’s compositions is real life, cleverly combined with story of mythical Moyras – goddesses of power over men and gods’ lives. They weaved the threads of life and marked the path of life. Currently, the band presents a solid dose of energy within the music that has a specific message, by telling stories about fate and different problems, in either a one-man perspective or whole world’s, and a reminder of the great power of nature without which humanity would have no sense to exist.

So far, Moyra has released two EPs, “Threads Of Fate” in 2017 and “ReGenesis” in 2020. Following previously released single “The End Of The World” and “The Eyes Of Rats”, the band now unveils “Ready! Aim And Fire!”:

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