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Amaranthe release Sabaton cover

Modern metallers Amaranthe have visited a studio and recorded Sabaton cover just in time for their upcoming European tour. You can listen to their take on “82nd All The Way” below.

Amaranthe are about to join Sabaton on a huge European tour in the second half of January. For this occasion, they decided to give a new twist to their track “82nd All The Way” from their latest album “The Great War”. The song talks about the 82nd Infantry Division unit in the American Army during The Great War, more specifically Sergeant Alvin York, American hero and one of the most decorated soldiers of World War I. Following “Army Of The Night” by Powerwolf, this is Amaranthe’s second officially released cover in history and a great tribute to their soon to be tourmates.

Amaranthe’s bandleader Olof Mörck says: “People who are familiar with Amaranthe know that we do not frequently do covers, but there was something quite irresistible about interpreting Sabaton’s ’82nd All The Way’! While being thematically different from most of our songs, musically it made perfect sense, and it was a joy to pick the song apart and put it back together to something classically Amaranthe sounding! So, this is our small tribute to the mighty Swedish War Machine that is Sabaton; ’82nd All The Way’!”

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