Live review: Frantic Amber – Bitterfeld, Germany (February 8, 2020)

On February 8th, it was time for me to drive to my second concert of this year’s season. The show of melodic death metallers Frantic Amber was on the agenda. The traffic on my way was a cramp in the butt this time but luckily, the venue made a new schedule shortly before concert day, otherwise, I would have missed Frantic Amber’s set. When I entered the Festung Bitterfeld club, people behind the front desk asked why I was there and as I told them „Frantic Amber“, their reply shocked me a little: „What? You knew them before today?“  Of course, I did!

It was shortly before 8:00 PM when Elizabeth Andrews (vocals), Mio Jäger (lead guitars), Isabelle Romhagen (guitars, currently filling in for Milla Olsson), Madeleine Gulberg Hussberg (bass) and Marcus „Mac“ Dalmanner (drums) entered the stage and made themselves ready to start the show. In a brief moment when Elizabeth turned around to see who already stands in front of the stage, she spotted me, pointed towards me and smiled. First, I thought this was because of my Frantic Amber shirt and maybe this is true to some extent. But later I found out that Elizabeth recognized me as their after the show interview partner from a simple Facebook comment.

And so it began. With the sound of a blade being drawn out of its scabbard. Everybody who is familiar with their current album „Bellatrix“ knows that this is what the intro of the album starts like. As could be expected, after this the first song played was „Scorched Earth“. In the beginning, the audience was a bit hesitant to come closer to the stage. But not for long. Elizabeth knew how to motivate people to come closer. Despite the hurricane raging on stage, there were no barriers so it was easy to be right in front of the stage and clink beer bottles with Elizabeth. She did that several times with several people from the audience in-between the songs. But as wonderful it is to be right in front of the stage, I had to step back a bit to get the whole band into one picture. Afterwards, they played „Lagertha“ and then „Joshitai“. But who is now afraid they would just play the songs from the new album in order of appearance on the album: no! The next song was „Burning Insight“, followed by “Khutulun”. After that, they played one of my most favourite Frantic Amber songs: „Soar“. Unfortunately, they had only limited time and so „Crimson Seas“ was the last song for this killer evening.

But not long after the show, they showed up at the merch table one by one, and I had a chance to get in touch with them and have a little chit chat. As Elizabeth once lived in Germany for some time, I asked her how’s her German. She laughed and replied: „Pretty bad. Ich habe alles vergessen.“, before we all headed backstage for a more deeper conversation. But the said interview will be in another article, so stay tuned!

Written by Ralf Hartung


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