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Diabulus In Musica share acoustic version of “One Step Higher”

Spanish symphonic metal band Diabulus In Musica drops an acoustic version of “One Step Higher” from their new album “Euphonic Entropy”. Listen to it below.

In December, the band announced details of their fifth studio album “Euphonic Entropy” and unveiled the first single “Otoi”, entirely in their mother language Basque. The album, released on February 14, 2020, takes the listener on a wild ride through time, emotions and genres.

Singer Zuberoa Aznárez comments on the track: “”One Step Higher” is a bright look to the future, a song about personal growth and about embracing new stages of life with thrill. Despite the obstacles, our path is about overcoming them and finding the light again, making us stronger and wiser.” The band adds: “We prepared this acoustic version of “One Step Higher” as we are sure we are one step higher from the end of all this if we all keep on the good job. Cheer up and keep on listening to music from home!”

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