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Ignea unveils new single “Jinnslammer”

Listen to Ignea’s new single “Jinnslammer”, taken from their upcoming album “The Realms Of Fire And Death”.

Ukrainian metallers Ignea are back with a new single titled “Jinnslammer”, featured on their upcoming concept album “The Realms Of Fire And Death“, due out April 17. “The Realms of Fire and Death” is a concept album with strong story-telling, metaphors, symbols, and is accompanied by a book of short tales incorporating the lyrics of each song. It is divided into three major parts, each consisting of 3 songs. Songs of each part are outlining a certain separate story, bringing the themes of fire and death from various perspectives.

Ignea vocalist Helle Bogdanova on the song: “Jinnslammer is one of my favourite songs on the new album. I was very excited to write the lyrics and I put all my soul into this song in the studio. I think it’s going to be a blast to perform it live when this all is over.”


 Just like with “Queen Dies” and “Disenchantment“, the band has worked on a music video for “Jinnslammer” once again with Maria Goruleva. Helle says: “We’re working with Maria again because she’s extraordinary and we cannot even imagine working with anyone else. The shooting was in November and the video is still in production. Most likely, it’ll be released at the end of April or start of May, after the album release.” The shooting of the video “was happening at a historic location in Kyiv, with old Soviet mosaics and stuff”, so you’re definitely in for a treat. Stay tuned!

PS: We had a chance to discuss the album with Helle herself. Read our talk here

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