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Ignea – Queen Dies (Official Music Video)

Ukrainian modern oriental metal outfit Ignea presents a music video for their new single “Queen Dies”. Watch it below. 

The band started in Kiev under the name Parallax. Intentionally, it was the first Ukrainian band to play oriental metal. However, the band didn’t limit itself to strict boundaries of oriental metal, and soon they included symphonic, industrial, modern, progressive and other modern metal elements in their sounds. Vocally, both melodic singing and growling by frontwoman Helle Bogdanova are characteristic for Ignea. 

In 2013,  the band entered Ukrainian rock and metal studio Morton Studio to record their debut EP “Sputnik”. In 2015, the band finally changed its name to Ignea. Their debut full-length album “The Sign Of Faith” came out in February 2017. Last December, Ignea was nominated for The Best Ukrainian Metal Act awards and entered the top 3 best metal bands in the country. Now, the band presents a brand new single “Queen Dies” along with a killer music video directed by Masha Goruliova.

Vocalist Helle Bogdanova comments the track: “The song mostly reflects the lyrical content of this song. A court wizard is having a dream that the Queen would die by the hand of a ‘power-hungry twin’. Therefore, the Queen orders to kill all the twins in the kingdom, including her sister. In this bloody process, she’s captured by a demon as she starts to realise that she likes it. All in all, she doesn’t die herself, but the Queen in her dies. Almost all of our previous songs were very serious in terms of messages. ‘Queen Dies’ is a phantom of imagination, a synergy of our idea and our director’s vision. It is a part of a range of releases, but we’re not able to disclose all the info right now.”

You can catch Ignea on Female Metal Voices Tour 2018 with Butcher Babies, Kobra and the Lotus and others in October. All dates here.