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Album Review: Ewiniar – “Burning The Night”

Hailing from Split, Croatia, comes husband-and-wife team Marin and Katarina Tramontana who combine female vocals with juddering drums, and blistering guitar work to deliver what they call a sonic experience in the Gothic Rock/Metal universe. Debuting on the world stage in September of 2021 with “Years of Heaven” they are fueled by inner emotion and devout songwriting that creates a powerful experience through poetic epics and wondrous prose as can be further witnessed on their debut album “Burning The Night” as released on November 19th, 2021.

Starting off with sophistication on fleeting footsteps is “Against the Stream” that sees a mixture of heavy guitars combine with delicate piano keys to bring forth power and fantasy all-in-one. It casually parades itself in with light-hearted keys before hitting us with the full impact of guitars and bass, boosted by Katarina’s cries in the background.

“Under the Stars” adds environmental change with a desert-epic hymn accompanying beautiful orchestrations. It’s the perfect harmony of melodic and heavy with vocal range from male lows to powerful operatic highs. An epic solo begins from an ending verse that lingers –

“In the eye of desert sky, where storm roars, through sandy shores, I will take and keep you forever”.

It creeps in from the shadows and leaves us utterly breathless.

“Years of Heaven” which debuted earlier in 2021 is reminiscent of riddles and poetry written on falling stars. Heavy guitars are backed by twinkling piano keys and beating drums adding layer upon layer of distinction to this already unique track.



The acoustic start to “Mother” is unparalleled. It’s got a familiarity to it, like Nightwish’s ‘Sleeping Sun’ before the chanting starts and playful synthesizers begin to chime. It’s light, deep, and enchanting, like running through darkened fields of wheat by moonlight. Drums erupt, followed by guitars to bring strength to the chorus before calming for a moment of reflection. Once more there is an added layer of refinement through a mixture of French verses and storytelling near the end that makes this track more than a simple song on an album. It, in itself, is truly a unique experience.

“Midnight Sun” is an instrumental dream with a powerful harmony of metal and orchestra that echoes with chimes, piano, and playful synthesizers that caresses our ears from the background; this, all while in the foreground we are lulled by Katarina’s beautiful vocal work.

One of my favourite tracks, “Suspiria” is a high-octane flight through a sea of rhythmic guitars and head-banging drums. Enigmatic chords call out constantly like the bells of a grandfather clock. All this while shadows creep in every passing verse. It’s yet another tale on an album full of passionate imagination, and well-written verses that paint cinematic-level stories as you listen along.



“Until the End of Time” is a catchy tune of building climax and wild ventures into angelic vocals and haunting melodies. Katarina shows us a glimpse of true vocal range but, it’s only brief and I wish it stuck as well as the lyrics she puts forth. The emotion is there but, seems to be held back when we’re ready to endure its full fury.

“Seekers of the Sense” begins with an inspiring guitar solo that introduces us to a ferocious verse of “I feel like I am losing grip” that sets the stage for one of the heaviest tracks on the album. It’s a well-built mix of thought-provoking lyrics, brilliantly expressed in vocal power and amplified by well-orchestrated strings.

The title track from the album “Burning the Night” is a flawless outro to an album of distinct sound and creation. It rings in as a heavy hitter but, still offers up all the flavours of Gothic Metal with graceful keys and eerie strings. Deep bass keeps paces quick and upbeat while the overall tune is catchy and easy to find yourself singing along to. It’s not hard to see why this can easily become a favourite with the mix of untamed solos and mind-searing lyrics. Overall, this is an outstanding debut album in a nearly forgotten subgenre that shows us just how far dedication and creativity can take you. This album is filled with unique sound, wonder, and fantasy-like lyrics that create evocative images through their combination. For those hungry for something that sounds like classic Nightwish or Within Temptation, this is definitely a band to sink your teeth into.

Rating: 7/10
Release Date: November 19th, 2021
Label: Independent

Track Listing:
 1.) Against the Stream
2.) Under the Stars
3.) Years of Heaven
4.) Mother
5.) Midnight Sun
6.) Suspiria
7.) Until the End of Time
8.) Seekers of the Sense
9.) Burning the Night






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